Ezekiel 41:22
altar: This must signify the altar of incense; which, both in the tabernacle and Solomon's temple, was covered with plates of gold. It is very remarkable, that in this temple described by Ezekiel, there is not the least mention of gold or silver, though there was such a profusion of these metals in the former; which may probably imply, that a glory of a more spiritual nature was intended under these emblems. Exo 30:1-3, 1Ki 6:20, 1Ki 6:22, 1Ki 7:48, 2Ch 4:19, Rev 8:3 This is: Eze 23:41, Eze 44:16, Exo 25:28-30, Lev 24:6, Pro 9:2, Son 1:12, Mal 1:7, Mal 1:12, 1Co 10:21, Rev 3:20 before: Exo 30:8 Reciprocal: Eze 40:39 - tables on that