Ezekiel 40:10
the little: Eze 40:7 they three: The entrance into the outer court seems to have been through a porch with doors at both ends; and on each side of this porch were three small chambers, or rooms, for the use of the porters, a reed square in size, with a passage of five cubits between them. The common cubit, termed the "cubit of a man," - Deu 3:11, was about 18 inches; but the cubit used by the angel was, as we learn from Eze 43:13, "a cubit and a hand breadth," or about three inches more than the common cubit, that is 21 inches. Hence the measuring reed, which was "six cubits long, by the cubit and the hand breadth," - Eze 40:5, must have been about 10+ feet Reciprocal: Eze 40:21 - the little Eze 40:29 - the little Eze 40:44 - chambers