Ezekiel 4:9
wheat: Eze 4:13, Eze 4:16 millet: Dochan in Arabic, dokhn the holcus dochna of Forskal, is a kind of millet, of considerable use as a food; the cultivation of which is described by Browne. fitches: or, spelt, Kussemim is doubtless ζεα, or spelt, as Aquila and Symmachus render here; and so LXX and Theodotion, ολυρα. In times of scarcity it is customary to mix several kinds of coarser grains with the finer, to make it last the longer. three: Eze 4:5 Reciprocal: 2Ki 25:3 - the famine Isa 28:25 - in the principal Jer 52:6 - the famine Lam 5:4 - have Eze 4:6 - forty days