Ezekiel 4:6
forty days: This represented the forty years during which gross idolatry prevailed in Judah, from the reformation of Josiah, bc 624, to the same final desolation of the land. Some think that the period of 390 days also predicts the duration of the siege of the Babylonians - Eze 4:9, deducting from it five months and twenty-nine days, when the besiegers went to meet the Egyptians - 2Ki 25:1-4, Jer 37:5, and that forty days may have been employed in desolating the temple and city. "Beginning from 2Ki 23:3, 2Ki 23:23. Ending Jer 52:30." each day for a year: Heb. a day for a year, a day for a year, Num 14:34, Dan 9:24-26, Dan 12:11, Dan 12:12, Rev 9:15, Rev 11:2, Rev 11:3, Rev 12:14, Rev 13:5 Reciprocal: Isa 20:3 - three