Ezekiel 35:9
I will make: After being subdued by Nebuchadnezzar, about five years after the destruction of Jerusalem, many of the Edomites, during the Babylonian captivity, being driven from their ancient habitation by the Nabatheans, seized upon the south-western part of Judea; but afterwards they were conquered by Hyrcanus, and reduced to the necessity of embracing the Jewish religion; and at last became either incorporated with that nation, or swallowed up and lost among the Nabathean Arabs, so that the very name was abolished and disused about the end of the first century after Christ. Their country is now barren; and their cities, even Bozra and Petra, totally demolished and in ruins. perpetual: Eze 35:4, Eze 25:13, Jer 49:17, Jer 49:18, Zep 2:9, Mal 1:3, Mal 1:4 and ye: Eze 6:7, Eze 7:4, Eze 7:9, Eze 36:11 Reciprocal: Jer 25:12 - perpetual Jer 51:62 - to cut Eze 25:5 - and ye Eze 35:7 - most desolate Eze 35:12 - And thou Eze 35:15 - and they Eze 37:6 - ye shall