Ezekiel 12:6
thou shalt: This intimated that Zedekiah should steal out of the city in the twilight, carrying on his shoulders some of his property, with his head covered, not only as in distress but to escape detection. These prophecies, which were accurately fulfilled, are supposed to have been delivered in the sixth year of Zedekiah, five years before the taking of Jerusalem. cover: 1Sa 28:8, 2Sa 15:30, Job 24:17 for I: Eze 12:11, Eze 4:3, Eze 24:24, Isa 8:18, Isa 20:2-4 Reciprocal: Jos 5:10 - kept the passover 2Ki 7:5 - in the twilight Eze 12:12 - General