Jeremiah 52:12
fifth: 2Ki 25:8, Zec 7:3-5, Zec 8:19 the tenth: It appears from the parallel passage of Kings, that Nebuzar-adan came from Riblah to Jerusalem on the seventh of the fifth month; but it seems that he did not set fire to the temple and city till the tenth day, being probably occupied on the intervening days in taking the vessels out of the house of the Lord, and collecting together all the riches that could be found. In memory of this calamity, the Jews devote two fasts to this day; the seventeenth of the fourth month, which falls in June, for the destruction of Jerusalem, and the ninth of the fifth month, which falls in July, for the destruction of the temple; both of which are mentioned by Zechariah as kept from this event till his time, a period of seventy years, under the names of the fast of the fourth month, and fast of the fifth month. the nineteenth: Jer 52:29, 2Ki 24:12, 2Ki 25:8 captain of the guard: or, chief marshal, Heb. chief of the executioners, or slaughtermen, and so, Jer 52:14, Jer 39:9, Gen 37:36,*marg. served: Heb. stood before Reciprocal: 2Ki 25:11 - the rest 1Ch 6:15 - when the Lord Psa 80:13 - The boar Jer 1:3 - in the fifth Jer 52:24 - the captain Dan 2:14 - captain of the king's guard