Jeremiah 51:30
The mighty: Accordingly, the Babylonians, after the loss of a battle or two, never recovered their courage to the face the enemy in the field, they retired within their walls; and the first time that Cyrus came with his army before the place he could not provoke them to venture forth, though he challenged the king to fight a duel with him; and the last time he came he consulted with his officers respecting the best mode of carrying on the siege "since," said he, "they do not come out to fight." Jer 51:32, Jer 51:57, Jer 48:41, Jer 50:36, Jer 50:37, Psa 76:5, Isa 13:7, Isa 13:8, Isa 19:16, Nah 3:13, Rev 18:10 her bars: Jer 50:36, *marg. Psa 107:16, Psa 147:13, Isa 45:1, Isa 45:2, Lam 2:9, Amo 1:5, Nah 3:13 Reciprocal: 2Ki 19:26 - of small power Jer 46:19 - waste Jer 51:56 - her mighty Jer 51:58 - high gates Lam 1:6 - her princes Nah 2:8 - Stand