Jeremiah 50:45
hear: Jer 51:10, Jer 51:11, Psa 33:10, Psa 33:11, Isa 14:24-27, Isa 46:10, Isa 46:11, Act 4:28, Eph 1:11, Rev 17:16, Rev 17:17 the least: Jer 37:10, Jer 49:20 surely he: We have already adverted to the completion of the prophecies respecting the final destruction of Babylon - on Isa 13:18, and shall only add a few more observations, in order to shew more clearly the full accomplishment of some of these predictions. Strabo says that in his time - about the Christian eraa great part of it was a desert. Jerome says that in his time - cir. ad 340it was quite in ruins, the walls merely serving for an inclosure for wild beasts, for the hunting of the kings of Parthia, and modern travellers universally concur in describing it in a state of utter desolation, and the habitation of wild beasts and noxious reptiles. Reciprocal: Jdg 6:15 - the least Jdg 9:53 - woman Isa 13:20 - General Isa 23:8 - Who hath Isa 26:6 - General Jer 25:12 - perpetual Jer 51:29 - every Jer 51:53 - from