Jeremiah 44:14
So: It is evident from verse 28, that some Jews were to escape the general destruction in Egypt, and to return into their own country, though but a few; and the same thing is implied in the latter clause of this verse. But the former part excludes from the number of those who should escape every individual of those who are properly termed "the remnant of Judah;" those who had willingly and rebelliously "set their faces to go into the land of Egypt to dwell there," on a presumption that they knew better than God how to consult their own restoration. The few, then, who were destined to escape, were to be such as had come into the land of Egypt with Johanan by compulsion, or had previously fled thither, or in some other less offensive manner, and chanced to be there when the storm burst upon them. which are: Isa 30:1-3 shall escape: Jer 44:27, Jer 42:17, Mat 23:33, Rom 2:3, Heb 2:3 which they: Jer 22:26, Jer 22:27, Jer 42:22 have a desire: Heb. lift up there soul for none: Jer 44:28, Isa 4:2, Isa 10:20, Rom 9:27, Rom 11:5, Rom 11:6 Reciprocal: 2Ki 19:31 - For Ezr 9:8 - a remnant Neh 1:2 - that had escaped Jer 44:7 - to leave Jer 50:20 - I will pardon Eze 6:8 - General Eze 7:16 - they Eze 20:38 - they shall Oba 1:17 - deliverance Rom 13:2 - power