Jeremiah 42:4
Jeremiah: The princes seem to have wholly neglected Jeremiah, till on this occasion they wanted his sanction to their purpose of going to Egypt. In order to induce him to favour them, they applied to him with one consent, in the most respectful and plausible manner: they used language to prepossess him with a favourable opinion of them, and to move his compassion; and, in words expressing great humility, they entreated his prayers in their behalf, and that he would enquire of the Lord what he would have them to do. The prophet readily acquiesced; and doubted not but that he should receive an answer from God, which he would unreservedly declare to them; and they called the Lord to witness that they would implicitly follow his directions. I will pray: Exo 8:29, 1Sa 12:23, Rom 10:1 whatsoever: Jer 23:28, 1Ki 22:14-16, 2Ch 18:13-15, Eze 2:7 I will keep: 1Sa 3:17, 1Sa 3:18, Psa 40:10, Act 20:20, Act 20:27 Reciprocal: Jer 21:2 - Inquire Jer 26:2 - all the words