Jeremiah 42:15
If: If ye are determined to go into Egypt, the evils which ye dreaded by staying in your own land shall overtake and destroy you there; "and there shall ye die." God turned the policy of the wicked to their own destruction; for while they thought themselves safe in Egypt, there Nebuchadnezzar destroyed both them and the Egyptians. Jer 42:17, Jer 44:12-14, Gen 31:21, Deu 17:16, Dan 11:17, Luk 9:51 Reciprocal: Num 25:6 - in the sight of Moses 1Ki 22:19 - Hear thou 2Ki 12:17 - set his face Ecc 8:11 - fully Jer 10:1 - General Jer 44:24 - Hear