Jeremiah 32:44
buy: Jer 32:6-15 in the land: Jer 17:26 for I: Jer 32:37, Jer 33:7, Jer 33:11, Jer 33:26, Psa 126:1-4, As an earnest of these promises, houses and lands shall again take a good price in Judah and Jerusalem; and though they now are almost valueless, there shall again be a sufficiency of purchasers. Trade shall revive, for they shall have money enough to buy land with; husbandry shall revive, for those that have money, shall covet to lay it out upon lands; laws shall again have their due course, for they shall subscribe evidences, and seal them. Reciprocal: Jer 30:3 - that I Jer 32:10 - I Jer 32:15 - Houses Jer 33:12 - in all Eze 36:12 - they shall Eze 38:12 - the desolate Oba 1:19 - the south Oba 1:20 - General Zec 1:17 - My cities Zec 7:7 - the south