Jeremiah 18:14
Will: Joh 6:68 the snow: etc. or, my fields for a rock, or for the snow of Lebanon? shall the running waters be forsaken for the strange cold waters? Parkhurst renders, "Will the snow of Lebanon fail from the rock of the field? Or will the issuing cold flowing waters - from that mountain namelybe exhausted?" - See Targ., LXX, and Vulg.No more could I fail my people if they trusted in me. - Compare Jer 2:13.Maundrell says, "The chief benefit the mountain of Lebanon serves for, is, that by its exceeding height, it proves a conservatory for abundance of snow, which thawing in the heat of summer, affords supplies of water to the rivers and fountains in the valleys below. Reciprocal: Pro 25:25 - cold Son 4:15 - streams Isa 8:6 - that go softly Jer 2:10 - and see