Exodus 6:12
children: Exo 6:9, Exo 3:13, Exo 4:29-31, Exo 5:19-21 am: The italics shew that this word has been supplied by our translators; hence it may be inferred by some that Moses was uncircumcised. The difficulty is in some measure cleared away, by using the word uncircumcised in the sense of unsuitable or incapacitated - see note on Exo 6:30, which agrees with Exo 4:10, where Moses complains of want of eloquence; but by substituting is for am in this place, the connection with the former part of the verse is preserved; "For if the chosen seed, the circumcised sons of Jacob, refuse to hear me," as though Moses had said, "how can I expect to make uncircumcised Pharaoh pay attention to me?" Exo 6:30, Exo 4:10, Lev 26:41, Deu 30:6, Isa 6:5, Jer 1:6, Jer 6:10, Jer 9:26, Act 7:51 Reciprocal: Exo 3:11 - General Lev 19:23 - uncircumcised Eze 24:27 - thy