Exodus 39:6
onyx stones: The meaning of the word shoham is not easily determined. It has been variously rendered a beryl, emerald, prasius, sapphire, sardius, ruby, carnelian, onyx, and sardonyx. It may signify both the onyx and sardonyx. The latter stone is a mixture of the chalcedony and carnelian, sometimes in strata, and at other times blended together, and is found striped with white and red strata, or layers. It is generally allowed that there is no real difference, except in hardness, between the carnelian, chalcedony, agate, sardonyx, and onyx. The onyx is of a darkish horny colour, resembling the nail or hoof, from which circumstance it has its name (ονυξ). It has often a plate of a blueish white or red in it, and when on one or both sides of this white there appears a plate of a reddish colour, the jewellers call the stone a sardonyx. Exo 25:7, Exo 28:9, Exo 35:9, Job 28:16, Eze 28:13 ouches: Mishbetzoth, strait places, sockets, to insert the stones in, from shavatz, to straiten, enclose. Reciprocal: Exo 28:11 - ouches of gold Exo 28:12 - Aaron shall bear 1Ch 29:2 - onyx stones