Exodus 38:24
All the gold: If we follow the estimation of the learned Dean Prideaux, the value of the twenty-nine talents, and 730 shekels of gold, will be 198,347. 12s. 6d. The value of the silver contributed by 603,550; Israelites, at half a shekel, or 1s. 6d. per man, will amount to 45,266. 5s. The value of the 70 talents, 2,400 shekels of brass, will be 513. 17s. The gold weighed 4,245 pounds; the silver, 14,603 pounds; and the brass, 10,277 pounds, troy weight. The total value of all the gold, silver, and brass, will consequently amount to 244,127. 14s. 6d.; and the total weight of these three metals will amount to 29,124 pounds troy, which reduced to avoirdupois weight, is equal to fourteen tons, 226 pounds! - It may, perhaps, seem difficult to imagine how the Israelites should be possessed of so much wealth in the desert; but it should be remembered, that their ancestors were opulent men before they came into Egypt; that they were further enriched by the spoils of the Egyptians and Amalekites; and that it is probable, they traded with the neighbouring nations who bordered on the wilderness. There appear to be three reasons why so much riches should have been employed in the construction of the tabernacle, etc. 1. To impress the people's minds with the glory and dignity of the Divine Majesty, and the importance of his service. 2. To take out of their hands the occasion of covetousness. 3. To prevent pride and vain glory, by leading them to give up to the divine service even the ornaments of their persons. 1Ch 22:14-16, 1Ch 29:2-7, Hag 2:8 offering: Exo 25:2, Exo 29:24, Exo 35:22 the shekel: Exo 30:13, Exo 30:14, Exo 30:24, Lev 5:15, Lev 27:3, Lev 27:25, Num 3:47, Num 18:16 Reciprocal: Num 3:25 - the charge 2Ki 5:22 - a talent