Exodus 31:3
filled: Exo 35:31, 1Ki 3:9, 1Ki 7:14, Isa 28:6, Isa 28:26, 1Co 12:4-11 the spirit of God: Ruach Elohim, rather, "a spirit of God;" which is a usual Hebraism, signifying "an excellent spirit;" or, as we should now say, "a distinguished genius for the work he had to perform." No man, by course of reading or study, ever acquired a genius of any kind: we call it natural, and say it was born with the man: Moses teaches us to consider it divine. The prophet Isaiah - Isa 28:24-29, pointedly refers to this sort of teaching as coming from God, even in the most common and less difficult arts of life. Dark as the heathens were, yet they acknowledged that all talents and the seeds of all arts came from God. Reciprocal: Exo 28:3 - wise hearted Exo 35:35 - he filled Deu 34:9 - full of the spirit 1Ch 22:15 - all manner 1Ch 28:21 - all manner 2Ch 2:7 - cunning 2Ch 2:14 - skilful Job 38:36 - who hath given Pro 2:6 - the Lord Pro 8:12 - knowledge Dan 2:21 - he giveth 1Co 12:8 - is given Jam 1:5 - any Jam 1:17 - good 2Pe 3:15 - according