Exodus 23:19
first of the: Exo 22:29, Exo 34:26, Lev 23:10-17, Num 18:12, Num 18:13, Deu 12:5-7, Deu 26:10, Neh 10:35, 1Co 15:20, Rev 14:4 Thou shalt not seethe a kid: The true sense of this passage seems to be that assigned by Dr. Cudworth, from a manuscript comment of a Karaite Jew. "It was a custom with the ancient heathens, when they had gathered in all their fruits, to take a kid, and boil it in the dam's milk; and then in a magical way, to go about and sprinkle all their trees, and fields, and gardens, and orchards with it, thinking by these means, that they should make them fruitful, and bring forth more abundantly in the following year. Wherefore, God forbad his people, the Jews, at the time of their in-gathering, to use any such superstitious or idolatrous rite." Exo 34:26, Deu 14:21, Pro 12:10, Jer 10:3 Reciprocal: Exo 13:2 - Sanctify Lev 2:12 - the oblation Lev 22:28 - ye shall not kill it Lev 23:17 - the firstfruits Num 15:20 - a cake Deu 18:4 - firstfruit Deu 26:2 - That thou shalt 2Ch 31:5 - came abroad Pro 3:9 - General Isa 65:4 - broth Eze 44:30 - all the firstfruits Rom 11:16 - if the firstfruit