Exodus 2:3
could not: Exo 1:22, Mat 2:13, Mat 2:16, Act 7:19 an ark: Isa 18:2 bulrushes: Gome, is the papyrus, so famous in all antiquity. It grows on the banks of the Nile, and in marshy grounds; the stalk rises to the height of six or seven cubits above the water, is triangular, and terminates in a crown of small filaments, resembling hair. This reed was of the greatest use to the Egyptians; the pith serving them for food, and the woody part to build vessels with; which vessels frequently appear on various monuments of Egyptian antiquity. That boats were made of this reed is also attested by Pliny and others. with slime: Gen 6:14, Gen 11:3, Gen 14:10 Reciprocal: Job 8:11 - the rush Isa 19:6 - the reeds