Psalm 69:21
gall for my meat: Bochart, from a comparison of this passage with Joh 19:29, thinks that rosh is the same herb as the evangelist calls υσσωπος, hyssop; a species of which, growing in Judea, he proves from Isaac ben Orman, an Arabian writer, to be so bitter as not to be eatable. Theophylact expressly tells us, that the hyssop was added ως δηλητεριωδος, as being deleterious, or poisonous, and Nonnus, in his paraphrase, says, Ωρεγεν υσσωπωκεκερασμενον οξος ολεθρου "One gave the deadly acid mixed with hyssop." Jer 8:14, Jer 9:15, Jer 23:15, Mat 27:34, Mat 27:48 vinegar: Mar 15:23, Mar 15:36, Luk 23:36, Joh 19:29, Joh 19:30 Reciprocal: Psa 22:15 - tongue Psa 69:3 - my throat Psa 102:9 - I Have Lam 3:5 - gall Joh 19:28 - that the