Psalm 139:9
If I take: Light has been proved, by many experiments, to travel at the astonishing rate of 194,188 miles in one second of time; and comes from the sun to the earth, a distance of 95,513,794 miles in 8 minutes and nearly 12 seconds! But, could I even fly upon the wings or rays of the morning light, which diffuses itself with such velocity over the globe from east to west, instead of being beyond Thy reach, or by this sudden transition be able to escape Thy notice, Thy arm could still at pleasure prevent or arrest my progress, and I should still be encircled with the immensity of Thy essence. The sentiment in this noble passage is remarkably striking and the description truly sublime. the wings: Psa 18:10, Psa 19:6, Mal 4:2 dwell: Psa 74:16, Psa 74:17, Isa 24:14-16 Reciprocal: 2Sa 22:11 - upon the Job 11:9 - longer Job 38:13 - take Psa 55:6 - General Psa 61:2 - From Psa 104:3 - walketh Amo 9:3 - hid