2 Chronicles 30:2
the king: 1Ch 13:1-3, Pro 11:14, Pro 15:22, Ecc 4:13 in the second month: In Ijar, as they could not celebrate in Nisan, the 14th of which month was the proper time. But Hezekiah and his counsellors justly concluded, that the regulation of the 14th day of the second month, which had been made for individuals who were hindered from eating the passover at the appointed season, might in their present circumstances be extended to the people at large. Num 9:10, Num 9:11 Reciprocal: Lev 8:3 - General Num 9:3 - the fourteenth 2Ki 23:1 - the king 2Ch 1:2 - to the captains 2Ch 30:13 - the second month 2Ch 30:23 - took counsel 2Ch 32:3 - took counsel 2Ch 34:29 - gathered