2 Chronicles 28:27
am 3278, bc 726 they brought: 2Ch 21:20, 2Ch 26:23, 2Ch 33:20, 1Sa 2:30, Pro 10:7 the kings of Israel: Or, "the kings of Judah;" the name Israel being sometimes applied by the writer of this book, in a general way, to Judah. The Hebrews were accustomed to honour the memory of those kings who had reigned well, by depositing their remains in the royal cemetery. On the contrary, those who died under the disapprobation of the people, as a mark of posthumous disgrace, were denied interment with their predecessors, and were buried in some other place in Jerusalem. So it was with Ahaz, who, though brought into the city, was not buried in the sepulchres of the kings of Judah. It was doubtless with a design to make a suitable impression on the minds of their kings while living, that such distinctions were observed. They might thus restrain them from evil, or excite them to good, according as they were fearful of being execrated, or desirous of being honoured, when dead. Reciprocal: 1Ki 11:43 - buried 2Ki 16:20 - buried 2Ki 18:1 - Hezekiah 2Ki 21:18 - and was buried 2Ch 24:25 - not Neh 2:3 - the place Isa 14:28 - General Mat 1:9 - Ezekias