2 Chronicles 21:12
am 3116, bc 888 a writing: "Which was writ before his assumption." 2Ki 2:1, Jer 36:2, Jer 36:23, Jer 36:28-32, Eze 2:9, Eze 2:10, Dan 5:5, Dan 5:25-29 Elijah the prophet: If the account of the translation of Elijah be given in the order in which it happened, then it occurred in the reign of Jehoshaphat, the father of Jehoram. Hence, it is probable that he wrote it before his assumption, and left it to be delivered by Elisha or one of the prophets. 2Ki 2:11 in the ways of Jehoshaphat: 2Ch 17:3, 2Ch 17:4, 1Ki 22:43 in the ways of Asa: 2Ch 14:2-5, 1Ki 15:11 Reciprocal: Hos 5:1 - O house Hos 6:5 - have I