1 Chronicles 18:4
seven thousand: 2Sa 8:4, seven hundred David: The words wyakker Dawid eth col haraichev, should be rendered, "and David disjointed all the chariots;" which is nearly the rendering of the LXX, και παραλυσε Δανιδ παντα τα αρματα. To have houghed the horses would have been both unreasonable and inhuman; for, as he had gained so complete a victory, there was no danger of their falling into the hands of the enemy; and if he did not choose to keep them, which indeed the law would not permit, he ought to have killed them outright., houghed, Deu 17:16, Jos 11:6, Jos 11:9, Psa 20:7, Psa 33:16, Psa 33:17 an hundred chariots: 1Ki 4:2, 1Ki 10:26 Reciprocal: 1Ch 19:7 - hired