2 Kings 15:6
Azariah: Dr. Kennicott complains loudly here of "the corruption in the name of this king of Judah, who is expressed by four different names in this chapter: Ozriah, Oziah, Ozrihu, and Ozihu. Our oldest Hebrew manuscript relieves us here, by reading truly, in 2Ki 15:1, 2Ki 15:6, 2Ki 15:7, Uzziah, where the printed text is differently corrupted. This reading is called true: 1. Because it is supported by the Syriac and Arabic versions in these three verses. 2. Because the printed text itself has it so in 2Ki 15:32 and 2Ki 15:34 of this very chapter. 3. Because it is so expressed in the parallel place in Chronicles. 4. Because it is not Αζαριας, Azarias, but Οζιας, Ozias (Uzziah) in St. Matthew's genealogy. they not written: 2Ki 14:18, 2Ch 26:5-15 Reciprocal: 2Ki 8:23 - General 2Ki 15:36 - the rest 2Ki 16:19 - General 2Ki 20:20 - the book 2Ch 26:23 - slept