2 Kings 15:20
Menahem: 2Ki 23:35 exacted: Heb. caused to come forth the mighty: Rth 2:1, 2Sa 19:32, Job 1:3 of each man: etc. Or, rather, as Bishop Patrick renders, "to give to the king of Assyria fifty shekels of silver for each man," i.e., in his army. It may be supposed, that Menahem compelled "the mighty men of wealth" to give much more a-piece than this sum - somewhat about 5. sterling eachand each of them in some proportion to his affluence. stayed not: 2Ki 15:29, 2Ki 17:3, 2Ki 17:4, 2Ki 18:14-17 Reciprocal: Hos 8:10 - for