1 Kings 8:1
am 3000, bc 1004 Solomon: This did not take place, according to Abp. Usher, till the year after the temple was finished, because that year was a jubilee. "The 8th day of the 7th month, viz. the 30th of our October, being Friday, was the first of the seven days of dedication; the 10th day, Saturday, November 1, the fast of expiation or atonement was held; whereon, according to the Levitical law, the jubilee was proclaimed by sound of trumpet. The 15th day, Friday, was the feast of tabernacles, which was always very solemnly kept; and the day following, Nov.14, being our Saturday, when the Sabbath was ended, the people returned home." 2Ch 5:2-10 assembled: Jos 23:2, Jos 24:1, 1Ch 28:1, 2Ch 30:1, Ezr 3:1 chief of the fathers: Heb. princes, Num 7:3 that they might bring: 2Sa 6:1, 2Sa 6:2, 2Sa 6:6, 2Sa 6:12, 1Ch 13:1-5, 1Ch 15:3, 1Ch 15:25 out of the city: 1Ki 3:15, 2Sa 5:7-9, 2Sa 6:12-17, 1Ch 11:7, 1Ch 15:29, 1Ch 16:1, Psa 9:11, Psa 102:21, Isa 28:16, Isa 46:13, 1Pe 2:6 Reciprocal: 1Ki 8:66 - the eighth day 1Ki 20:7 - all the elders 1Ch 11:5 - the castle