1 Kings 4:33
the cedar tree: The word airez, whence the Chaldee and Syriac arzo, and the Arabic and Ethiopic arz, and Spanish alerze, unquestionably denotes the cedar; it is thus rendered by the LXX and other versions, κεδρος, and by the Vulgate cedrus; and the inhabitants of mount Lebanon still call it ars. The cedar is a large and nobel evergreen tree, and grows on the most elevated part of the mountain, is taller than the pine, and so thick that five men together could scarcely fathom one. It shoots out its branches at ten or twelve feet from the ground; they are large and distant from each other, and are perpetually green. The wood is of a brown colour, very solid and incorruptible, if preserved from wet. The tree bears a small cone, like that of the pine. Num 24:6, 2Ki 19:23, Psa 92:12 the hyssop: Exo 12:22, Num 19:18, Psa 51:7, Heb 9:19 of beasts: Gen 1:20-25 Reciprocal: 2Ki 14:9 - The thistle 2Ch 25:18 - thistle Joh 19:29 - hyssop