1 Kings 4:23
Ten fat: Neh 5:17, Neh 5:18 harts: Dr. Shaw understands ayil as the name of the genus, including all the species of the deer kind, whether they are distinguished by round horns, as the stag, or by flat ones, as the fallow deer, or by the smallness of the branches, as the roe. roebucks: See note on Deu 15:22. fallowdeer: Yachmur, rendered bubalus by the Vulgate, probably the buffalo; and though "the flesh of a buffalo does not seem so well tasted as beef, being harder and more coarse," yet in our times, "persons of distinction, as well as the common people, and even the European merchants, eat a good deal of it, in the countries where that animal abounds." Niebuhr, Descrip. de l'Arab p. 146. Reciprocal: Deu 14:4 - General 1Sa 8:12 - and will set 1Ki 10:5 - the meat 1Ki 12:4 - our yoke 2Ch 9:4 - the meat Ecc 5:11 - they Isa 3:7 - neither bread Dan 1:5 - a daily