1 Kings 3:2
the people: It was not right to offer sacrifices in any place but where the tabernacle and ark were; and wherever they were, whether on a high place or a plain, sacrifices might be lawfully offered, previously to building of the temple. The tabernacle was now at Gibeon - 2Ch 1:3, which was therefore called the great high place; whither we find Solomon, without censure, repaired to sacrifice. 1Ki 22:43, Lev 17:3-6, Lev 26:30, Deu 12:2-5, 2Ch 33:17 was no: 1Ki 5:3, 1Ch 17:4-6, 1Ch 28:3-6, Act 7:47-49 Reciprocal: 1Sa 9:12 - the high place 1Ki 14:23 - built 2Ki 18:4 - removed 2Ch 15:17 - the high places