1 Kings 3:16
two women: Lev 19:29, Deu 23:17, Jos 2:1 harlots: The word zanoth, rendered harlots, is here translated by the Targumist, the best judge in this case, pundekon, "tavern-keepers." See note on Jos 2:1, and see note on Jdg 11:1. Had these women been harlots, it is not likely that they would have dared to appear before Solomon; nor is it likely that such persons would have been permitted in the reign of David. Their husbands might at this time have been following their necessary occupations in distant parts. stood: Exo 18:13, Exo 18:16, Num 27:2 Reciprocal: Exo 18:26 - the hard causes Deu 17:8 - arise 2Sa 15:2 - came 2Ch 32:4 - find Job 9:33 - that might Job 29:16 - the cause