1 Kings 18:44
a little cloud: Kekaph ish, "like the hollow of a man's hand;" in the form of a hand bent, the concave side downmost. Mr. Bruce mentions a similar cloud in Abyssinia, as attending the inundation of the Nile. "Every morning, about nine, a small cloud, not above four feet broad, appears in the east, whirling violently round, as if upon an axis; but arrived near the zenith, it first abates its motion, then loses its form, and extends itself greatly, and seems to call up vapours from all opposite quarters. These clouds having attained nearly the same height, rush against each other with great violence, and put me always in mind of Elijah foretelling rain on Mount Carmel." Job 8:7, Zec 4:10 Prepare: Heb. Tie, or Bind, 1Sa 6:7, 1Sa 6:10, Mic 1:13 Reciprocal: 1Ki 20:14 - order Job 36:29 - the spreadings Psa 147:8 - covereth Amo 5:8 - that calleth Luk 12:54 - When