1 Kings 15:17
am 3074, bc 930 Baasha: 1Ki 15:27, 2Ch 16:1-6 Ramah: By building Ramah is here meant fortifying it, in order to prevent all intercourse with the kingdom of Judah, lest his subjects should cleave to the house of David: for Ramah was a city of Benjamin, situated on the confines of both kingdoms, probably on a hill, as the name imports, commanding a narrow defile between the mountains, through which lay the principal road to Jerusalem; so that a fortification being erected here, no communication could be held between the people of Israel and Judah, without Baasha's permission. 1Ki 15:21, Jos 18:25, 1Sa 15:34, Jer 31:15 he might not suffer: 1Ki 12:27, 2Ch 11:13-17 Reciprocal: 1Ki 12:25 - built 2Ch 15:19 - five and thirtieth Jer 41:9 - for fear