1 Kings 14:31
am 3046, bc 958 Rehoboam: 1Ki 14:20, 1Ki 11:43, 1Ki 15:3, 1Ki 15:24, 1Ki 22:50, 2Ch 12:16 his mother's: 1Ki 14:21 Abijam: Dr. Kennicott observes, that the name of this king of Judah is now expressed three ways; here and in four other places, it is Abijam; in two others (2Ch 13:20-21) it is Abijahu; but in eleven others it is Abijah or Abiah, as it is expressed by St. Matthew (Mat 1:7), Αβια; and this is the reading of thirteen of Kennicott's and De Rossi's manuscripts, and of thirteen respectable editions of the Hebrew Bible. The Syriac is the same. The Septuagint in the London Polyglott has Αβιου, Abihu; but in the Complutensian and Antwerp Polyglotts it has Αβια, Abiah; and the Editio Princeps of the Vulgate, some manuscripts and the text in these two Polyglotts, instead of Abiam, have Abia. 1Ch 3:10, Abia, 2Ch 12:16, Abijah, Mat 1:7, Abia Reciprocal: 1Ki 15:1 - General 1Ki 15:8 - Abijam 1Ki 22:40 - slept 2Ki 8:24 - slept 2Ki 10:35 - Jehu slept 2Ki 13:8 - General 2Ki 15:38 - Jotham 2Ki 20:21 - slept 2Ch 14:1 - slept