1 Kings 10:5
the meat: 1Ki 4:22, 1Ki 4:23 attendance: Heb. standing cupbearers: or, butlers, ascent. The original weolatho asher yaaleh baith yehowah, is rendered by the LXX and Vulgate, και την ολοκουτωσιν αυτου ην ανεφερεν εν οικω Κυριου; et holocausta, que offerebat in domo Domini, "And the burnt offerings (or holocausts) which he offered in the house of the Lord;" with which the Chaldee, Syriac, and Arabic agree; and so also Luther, Und feine Brandopfer, die er in dem Hause des Herrn opferte; and this seems to be the true sense of the passage. 2Ki 16:18, 1Ch 9:18, 1Ch 26:16, 2Ch 23:13, Eze 44:3, Eze 46:2 there was no: Jos 5:1, 2Ch 9:4 Reciprocal: Gen 40:11 - hand Gen 42:28 - their heart 2Ki 11:5 - the watch Jer 38:14 - third Mat 6:29 - even Mar 6:39 - General Luk 7:25 - are in