2 Samuel 23:8
am 2949-2989, bc 1055-1015, An, Ex, Is, 436-476, The Tachmonite. or, Josheb-bassebet, the Tachmonite, head of the three. 1Ch 11:11, 1Ch 11:12, 1Ch 27:2, 1Ch 27:32, It is highly probable that in this version instead of yoshaiv bashshaiveth tachkemoni, we should read yoshavam ben chachmoni, "Joshebeam, son of Hachmoni;' and instead of hoo adino haetzni, hoo orair eth chanitho, "he lift up his spear," which are the readings in the parallel place in Chronicles, where it is also, "three hundred," instead of "eight hundred." whom he slew: Heb. slain Reciprocal: Jos 23:10 - One man 2Sa 10:7 - all the host 2Sa 17:8 - mighty men 2Sa 23:13 - three 1Ki 1:8 - the mighty 1Ch 11:10 - the chief 1Ch 19:8 - Joab