2 Samuel 17:28
beds: These no doubt consisted of skins of beasts, mats, carpets, and such like. 2Sa 16:1, 2Sa 16:2, 1Sa 25:18, Isa 32:8 basins: or, cups, Sappoth, probably wooden bowls, such as the Arabs still eat out of, and knead their bread in. earthen vessels: Keley yotzair, literally, "vessels of the potter." So when Dr. Perry visited the temple of Luxor in Egypt, he says, "We were entertained by the Caliph here with great civility and favour; he sent us, in return of our presents, several sheep, a good quantity of eggs, bardacks," etc. The bardacks, he informs us, were earthen vessels, used "to cool and refresh their water in, by means of which it drinks very cool and pleasant in the hottest seasons of the year." See Harmer, chapter vi. Oba 1:3 wheat: Mr. Jones says, "Travellers use zumeet, tumeet, and limereece. Zumeet is flour mixed with honey, butter, and spice; tumeet is flour done up with organ oil, and limereece is flour mixed with water, for drink. This quenches thirst much better than water alone, satisfies a hungry appetite; cools and refreshes tired and weary spirits," etc. Reciprocal: Jdg 8:5 - loaves Rth 2:14 - parched 1Sa 17:17 - parched corn