2 Samuel 15:7
am 2983, bc 1021, An, Ex, Is, 470 forty years: As David reigned in the whole only forty years, this reading is evidently corrupt, though supported by the commonly printed Vulgate, LXX, and Chaldee. But the Syriac, Arabic, Josephus, Theodoret, the Sixtine edition of the Vulgate, and several manuscripts of the same version, read four years; and it is highly probable that arbaim, forty, is an error for arba, four, though not supported by any Hebrew manuscript yet discovered. Two of those collated by Dr. Kennicott, however, have yom, "day," instead of shanah, "year," i.e., forty days instead of forty years; but this is not sufficient to outweigh the other authorities. 2Sa 13:38, 1Sa 16:1, 1Sa 16:13 let me go: 2Sa 13:24-27 pay: 1Sa 16:2, Pro 21:27, Isa 58:4, Mat 2:8, Mat 23:14 Reciprocal: Gen 34:14 - uncircumcised Num 21:2 - vowed Jos 21:11 - is Hebron 2Sa 2:1 - Hebron Psa 109:7 - and let Pro 7:14 - this Jon 2:9 - I will pay