2 Samuel 14:17
comfortable: Heb. for rest as an angel: This is very much like the hyperbolical language which is addressed by the Hindoos to an European when they desire to obtain something from him: "Saheb," say they, "can do every thing. No one can prevent the execution of Saheb's commands. Saheb is God." Though the expression may be imputed to the hyperbolical genius of these countries, yet there was, perhaps, more of real persuasion than we are apt to suppose. Sir John Chardin states, that having found fault with the king of Persia's valuation of a rich trinket, the grand master told him that if a Persian had dared to have done such a thing, it would have been as much as his life was worth. "Know," said he, "that the kings of Persia have a general and full knowledge of matters, as sure as it is extensive; and that, equally in the greatest and smallest things, there is nothing more just and sure than what they pronounce." 2Sa 14:20, 2Sa 19:27, 1Sa 29:9, Pro 27:21, Pro 29:5 to discern: Heb. to hear, 1Ki 3:9, 1Ki 3:28, Job 6:30, 1Co 2:14, 1Co 2:15,*marg. Heb 5:14 Reciprocal: Exo 18:19 - God shall 1Ki 10:3 - hid from the king Job 9:23 - he will Job 32:21 - flattering Isa 11:3 - and he shall not Dan 5:11 - light Zec 12:8 - as the 1Co 2:4 - not Gal 4:14 - an angel