Genesis 50:10
the threshingfloor: This place was situated, according to Jerome, between the Jordan and the city of Jericho, two miles from the former, and three from the latter, where Bethagla was afterwards built. Procopius of Gaza states the same. As aataad signifies thorns, the place might have been remarkable for their production; though all the versions except the Arabic consider it as a proper name. As Moses wrote or revised his history on the east side of Jordan, the term beyond Jordan, in his five books, means westward of Jordan; but in other parts of Scripture it generally means eastward. beyond: Gen 50:11, Deu 1:1 seven days: Gen 50:4, Num 19:11, Deu 34:8, 1Sa 31:13, 2Sa 1:17, Job 2:13, Act 8:2 Reciprocal: Gen 23:2 - mourn Gen 27:41 - The days Jos 15:6 - Bethhogla 1Sa 1:10 - wept sore 1Ch 10:12 - fasted 2Ch 32:33 - did him Eze 3:15 - sat