Genesis 44:18
Oh my Lord: "No paraphrase," says Dr. A. Clarke, "can heighten the effect of Judah's address to Joseph. To add, would be to diminish its excellence; to attempt to explain, would be to obscure its beauties; to clothe the ideas in other language than that of Judah, and his translators in our Bible, would ruin its energy, and destroy its influence. It is perhaps one of the most tender, affecting pieces of natural oratory ever spoken or penned, and we need not wonder to find that, when Joseph heard it, he could not refrain himself, but wept aloud. His soul must have been insensible beyond what is common to human nature, had he not immediately yielded to a speech so delicately tender, and so powerfully impressive." let thy: Gen 18:30, Gen 18:32, 2Sa 14:12, Job 33:31, Act 2:29 anger: Exo 32:22, Est 1:12, Psa 79:5 as Pharaoh: Gen 41:40, Gen 41:44, Pro 19:12, Dan 3:15, Dan 3:19-23, Dan 5:19, Joh 5:22 Reciprocal: Gen 29:35 - called Gen 37:6 - Hear Gen 49:8 - shall praise 1Sa 25:24 - let thine 1Sa 26:19 - let my lord Ecc 3:7 - and a time to speak Act 7:10 - gave