Genesis 39:14
he hath: The base affection of this woman being disappointed, was changed into rancorous hatred, and she exults in the opportunity of being revenged on Joseph. She begins her accusation in the affected language of offended modesty, rage, and disdain, by charging her husband, whom we may reasonably assume she did not greatly love, with being an accessory to the indignity she pretended to have received: "He hath brought in a Hebrew," a very abomination to an Egyptian, "to mock us," insult and treat me in a base, unworthy manner. an Hebrew: Gen 39:17, Gen 10:21, Gen 14:13, Gen 40:15, Psa 120:3, Eze 22:5 he came: Gen 39:7, Psa 35:11, Psa 55:3, Pro 10:18, Isa 51:7, Isa 54:17, Mat 5:11, Mat 26:59, Luk 23:2, 2Co 6:8, 1Pe 2:20, 1Pe 3:14-18, 1Pe 4:14-19 loud: Heb. great Reciprocal: Pro 6:26 - the adulteress Jon 1:9 - I am Mat 2:16 - when