Genesis 37:25
they sat: Est 3:15, Psa 14:4, Pro 30:20, Amo 6:6 Ishmeelites: Gen 37:28, Gen 37:36, Gen 16:11, Gen 16:12, Gen 25:1-4, Gen 25:16-18, Gen 31:23, Psa 83:6 Gilead: Gen 31:21, Gen 43:11, Jer 8:22 spicery: Nechoth, is rendered by the LXX "incense;" Syriac, "resin;" Samaritan, "balsam;" Acquila, "storax;" which is followed by Bochart. This drug is abundant in Syria, and here Moses joins with it resin, honey, and myrrh; which agrees with the nature of the storax, which is the resin of a tree of the same name, of a reddish colour, and peculiarly pleasant fragrance. balm: Tzeri, which in Arabic, as a verb, is to flow, seems to be a common name, as balm or balsam with us, for many of those oily, resinous substances, which flow spontaneously, or by incision, from various trees or plants; accordingly the ancients have generally interpreted it resin. myrrh: Lot, is probably, as Junius, Deut. Dieu, Celsius, and Ursinus contend, the same as the Arabic ladan, Greek λαδανον, and Latin ladanum. Reciprocal: Gen 31:54 - did eat Gen 39:1 - the Ishmeelites Jdg 8:6 - General Jdg 8:24 - because Jer 22:6 - unto Jer 25:24 - the mingled Jer 46:11 - Gilead Jer 49:29 - camels