Genesis 34:24
hearkened: In thus falling into this measure, the Shechemites must either have had great affection for their chief and his son, or have been under the influence of the most passive obedience. The petty princes of Asia have always been absolute and despotic; their subjects paying them the most prompt and blind obedience. The following instance will sufficiently illustrate and confirm this statement: Abu Thaher, chief of the Carmathians, about the year 930, with only 500 horse, went to lay siege to Bagdad: the khalif's general marched out to seize him; but before the attack, sent an officer to summon him to surrender. "How many men has the khalif's general?" said Abu Thaher; "30,000," replied the officer. "Among them all," says the Carmathian chief, "has he got three like mine?" Then ordering his followers to approach, he commanded one to stab himself, another to throw himself from a precipice, and a third to plunge into the Tigris: all three instantly obeyed, and perished! Then turning to the officer, he said, "He who has such troops need not value the number of his enemies!" went out: Gen 23:10, Gen 23:18 every male: Gen 17:23, Isa 1:10-16, Mat 7:6, Rom 2:28, Rom 2:29, 1Co 7:19 Reciprocal: Gen 35:2 - clean 1Ti 6:10 - the love