Genesis 31:46
brethren: Gen 31:23, Gen 31:32, Gen 31:37, Gen 31:54 Gather: Jos 4:5-9, Jos 4:20-24, Jos 7:26, 2Sa 18:17, Ecc 3:5 an heap: The word gal, rendered "heap," properly signifies a round heap or circle; probably like the Druidical remains in this country, which have been traced in India, Persia, Western Asia, Greece, and Northern Europe. These usually consist of irregular circles of large stones, with a principal one in the midst; the former probably being used for seats, and the latter for an altar; corresponding to the stone set up as a pillar by Jacob, and the heap of stones collected by his brethren. They appear to have been used, as Gilgal undoubtedly was - Jos 4:5, Jdg 2:1, Jdg 3:19, ch. 20; 1Sa 7:16, 1Sa 10:8, 1Sa 10:17, 1Sa 11:15, 1Sa 13:7, 1Sa 15:33. 2Sa 19:15, 2Sa 19:40. 2Ki 2:1 as temples, and as places for holding councils, and assembling the people. For a satisfactory elucidation of this subject, consult the Fragments to Calmet, Nos. 156, 735, 736. Reciprocal: Gen 28:11 - took Jos 22:10 - built