Spiritual Gifts
Circle the gifts that you believe you may have. Put a question mark by the ones you desire to know more about.

Prophecy Service Teaching
Exhortation Giving Leadership
Mercy Wisdom Knowledge
Faith Healing Miracles
Discerning of spirits Tongues Apostle
Pastor Helps Interpretation of tongues
Administration Evangelist Celibacy
Voluntary poverty Martyrdom Hospitality
Missionary Intercession Deliverance

Look around your group. Put initials by the gifts of the people in the group who have those gifts. Don't guess. Just do the ones you feel most certain in identifying.

Steps for Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

If you have taken this step, write Yes before the step.
If you have not taken a particular step but are willing to try that step, write a + before the statement.
If you have not taken a step and are unwilling at this time to try it, write a - by that step. (These steps are not in a particular progression or order.)

1. Explore the possibilities.

  • Study the Bible.
  • Learn my church's position on gifts.
  • Read extensively about spiritual gifts.
  • Get to know gifted people.
  • Make gift a conversation piece.

2. Experiment with as many gifts as you can.

  • Look for needs that God can meet through you.
  • Use a gifts inventory.

3. Examine your feelings. Is the gift you are using giving you excitement or a feeling that this is what you want to do more than anything else?

4. Evaluate your effectiveness.

5. Expect confirmation from other Christians.

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