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Spiritual Gifts
1.   Turn to your Score Sheet.

2.    Now, add your Score Sheet answers together, from left to right, and write that total in the Totals box next to each gift.

Example: Add together the number you wrote in box 1, plus the number in box 26, plus the number in box 51, plus the number in box 76 and the number in box 101. Those five numbers, added together, become your total score to be written in the Totals box.


When you have finished responding to all 125 statements and are ready to score your test, follow the instructions listed. When your Score Sheet is totalled, return to this page for further instructions.


After adding up your points, you should have several notably high scores. These are your probable spiritual gifts. Please indicate them below, starting with your highest score. Any score below 12, however, is probably not a positive indicator of a gift.

If you had other high scores, or if you feel sure you have certain gifts even though they didn't receive high marks, put them down as well.

You have just taken the first step toward discovering your spiritual gifts. Please understand that this exercise only indicates your probable gifts. Over the next few weeks you should use the following five steps to more clearly determine your spiritual gifts.


Pray, believing that God will continue to reveal to you what gifts He has given you. Don't forget 1 Cor. 12:11: Gifts have been distributed "to each individual." Pray also for the wisdom and desire to use your gifts with greatest efficiency for Him. 


Study the Bible passages that deal specifically with this topic: Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12-14,

Ephesians 3, 4 and 1 Peter 4. And take time to reflect on the contexts of the many Bible stories of men and women who used their gifts for God. Such accounts serve as examples and as inspiration.


Experiment by using your new-found gifts. This may be a new experience, and you may not know where to start. See the next page for some suggestions. As you begin to work for God, your gifts will develop in an exciting way.


Confirm the gifts of others. When you see another person using his gift effectively, say so. This isn't flattery, it's a vital step in the ongoing process of spiritual gift development.

Let's begin this process right away. Please mark down the spiritual gifts you've observed in three fellow Christians in your congregation. Your keen observations will be appreciated by each of them and your pastor.

This is a good opportunity to let your friends know what their gifts are, simply by listing them here. It's also a good time to let them know, in a very gracious (and anonymous) way, what their gifts aren't by leaving those gifts off the list. Make this an honest appraisal.

The summary of gifts beginning on the next page may help you in your evaluation.

Which person in your church do you know who best exemplifies the gift of

Discernment?    Encouragement?         Evangelism?            Faith?

Giving?            Hospitality?               Knowledge?            Leadership?

Mercy?             Missionary                Organisation?           Prayer?

Preaching?       Service?                    Shepherding?          Teaching?



Expect confirmation of your gifts by other church members. Following your handing in this inventory to your pastor, your inventory will be returned listing some of the gifts your fellow believers have observed in you. Everyone who hands in his inventory should receive an evaluation. You may not agree with this evaluation! But instead of dismissing these opinions, explore them. Look for ways to develop the abilities others believe you possess.

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