An Appeal to the Youth

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Marion, Iowa, March 18, 1861.

My Dear Children, Henry, Edson, and Willie: We are now at Bro. Snook's. This is a good home. When I see their little babe, and take it in my arms, I yearn for my own dear babe which we laid in Oak Hill Cemetery; but I will not permit one murmuring thought to arise. I enjoy the society of this
family. Sister Snook is an excellent woman. {AY 63.3}

Tomorrow we visit brother and sister Weaver, who have charge of the hotel at Fairview. What a change we see in them since our last visit to this State. Then we were entertained at their hotel and treated kindly; but they were not then converted to the truth. Now our hearts are united, and we shall enjoy the visit. {AY 64.1}

I am suffering from severe cold settled on my lungs. My mind runs home to my children. Children, be faithful. Do right, and you will be respected. We think much of you, and want you to form good Christian characters, which will make you happy and us also. Obey Jenny as you would me. Try to please her, and do not show a reluctance to help her, but do what she wishes cheerfully and happily. Do as William directs you. We have placed you under his care while you are at the Office. Take a course to gain the love and respect of all. {AY 64.2}

Little Willie, you must be a sweet, good-tempered little boy. May the Lord bless you all, dear children. This is our earnest prayer. Do not fail to write us. {AY 64.3}

Your affectionate Mother.
 {AY 64.4}

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